Miss Alternative Fox 2014

Miss Alternative Fox 28th August 2014

Joel from Epic Ink - Live Tattoo - Pixiscene Photography
Joel from Epic Ink – Live Tattoo – Pixiscene Photography

Miss Alternative Fox came back stronger than ever, after its première show last year, it promised to be a fantastic evening. Particularly with the surprise announcement that it would be featuring local burlesque starlets; Ruby Ruin, and Bonita Danger Doll, of Tease & Trouble Productions. Just one of the fantastic improvements from the team at the Fox & Ferret The Palms for the second ever Miss Alt Fox.

Epic Ink returned as event sponsors bringing the event something you won’t see at any of the other pageants around New Zealand. A live tattoo that was won as part of a competition run by the Fox and Ferret the Palms and though the tattooing may have gone by a little unnoticed by the crowd that didn’t stop the guys from Epic Ink suiting up for a fantastic evening.

Steve McGregor, returned to MC the event for its second year, brought a lot of energy to the stage to warm up the crowd and introduce the evening’s judges; the Mad Tatter and Mad Magenta representing Epic Ink on the judges panel alongside Cassie Law (Miss Alt Fox 2013), Sophia Lee of Living Dolls Inc, and Matt from Jim Beam. With VIP’s seated and drinks all around the show was set to start.

Swimsuit Round - Pixiscene Photography
Swimsuit Round – Pixiscene Photography

Thirteen beautiful contestants gracing the stage for the Swimsuit round, a definite crowd pleaser, gets the show off to an incredible start. Some fantastic ink on stunning girls though despite a range of styles of swimsuits there wasn’t a lot of stand-out action for the first round. It still made for a solid introduction to the contestants that was bound to have the crowd picking favourites.

While contestants were preparing for the next round we were treated to a fantastic fan show from the always stunning Ruby Ruin. Not only is this amazing woman one of the best burlesque performers on the Christchurch stage she manages to run classes and workshops for aspiring performers all while working on her own clothing label Ruination. It’s always a treat to see her on stage.

As the girls began showing their fantasy outfits for the second round a definite trend began to appear. The fantasy round is a chance for contestants to really get creative and leave a lasting impact on the crowd and judges. One could hardly forget the beautiful blood-spitting demoness from Miss Alt Fox 2013. Amongst a parade of dark angels and winged beauties one did stand out, Carlie N rocking the stage as cat-woman, whip included. That’s the fantasy that people are sure to remember.

Bonita Danger Doll - Pixiscene Photography
Bonita Danger Doll – Pixiscene Photography

Once again we had a fantastic burlesque performance between rounds. This time the beautiful Bonita Danger Doll stunned the crowd with a diamond performance. Showing off the best Martini Glass act in Christchurch, maybe even New Zealand was a fantastic lead in to the last round, glamour. A parade of fine dresses as contestants take their last opportunity to impress the judges with Abbie Clutch standing out with unique Motoglamour.

With all the contestants back on stage for a final look at their glamour outfits there was one more surprise for the evening. As one brave boyfriend has organised something with the Fox & Ferret and was up on stage and down on one knee. Congratulations to Luna Fayee on her engagement and an unforgettable proposal.

Now on to the winners of Miss Alternative Fox 2014. Congratulations to 3rd Place – Serenity Steel, walking away with $100 and a Mini Doll photo shoot. 2nd Place – Thalia Bloomfield, with $300 and a Living Doll photo shoot. 1st Place – Nikki Needles, $1000, tickets the Homegrown and a Diamond Doll photo shoot. Congratulations to the prize winners and thank you to all the girls for making a memorable evening.

With any contest of this size there is always a bit of scandal usually referring to the judging. Murmurs from the crowd and contestants couldn’t help but remark on some contestants connections to sponsors Living Dolls Inc. Though in New Zealand it’s hard to do anything without some connection it is important that judges are able to distance themselves from contestants and avoid personal involvement with outfits/styling. Not that these misgivings were enough to get the contestants down, with most of them hoping to be back again for next year’s Miss Alternative Fox.

With some fantastic improvements this year we can only thank the team from Fox & Ferret The Palms for hosting such an incredible evening and we can’t wait to see them top it with Miss Alt Fox 2015. A great show from all the girls involved, with special thanks to the girls from Tease & Trouble, all of you made for a truly unforgettable evening.

– Vince Clark



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