The Madhouse

Altearoa Presents: The Madhouse!

For the fourth time The Altearoa Asylum opens its doors and invites you in to view the delightful skills and talents of its patients. Hosted once again by our resident physician Dr. Von Mannschaft! (Played by the unstoppable Mr Heaphy)

Packed with beauty & grace this high flying cast will stun and amaze as wild passion takes over the stage. This stunning line-up can’t be kept in the straight-jacket for long!

Dr. Von Mannshaft (Mr. Heaphy)
Aurora Borealis
Cat Gilchrist
Heaven Z’dor
Samantha Flower Nova
Sapphire Matizze
Sparkle Litt

The Madhouse 2019
Photo’s by Vincent Levey of One Camera Photography

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