Cyberlesque 2017

Virtual reality has swept the world, cybernetic augmentation has become common place and genetic modifications are performed in back alley surgeries. In the wake of virtual entertainment underground clubs of real life performers continued in hidden theatres and underground speakeasies.

Step into a dystopian future at Cyberlesque…


MC – Feather Unsure

Mythical Haze
Heaven Z’dor
Ruby Rocket
Mister Velope
Miss Creant
War Project 4

& Special Guests From The
Red Mars Dance Project

Jolly Octopus Tattoo | Lady Lovecraft Make-Up Artistry | Odd Locks Creations | Grymmstone & Treacle Emporium | Raevynstorm Media | Angelah Rose Jewellery 

Cyberlesque 2017 – May 12th 2017 – Halo Venue Christchurch

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