Undead Poets Society – Vol 2

The second publication from our Undead Poets Society, featuring ‘The Fuschian Stain’ by Jack Xombi. Altearoa’s Undead Poet Society is for New Zealand’s dark and alternative writers and poets to have a place to share […Read More…]



Altearoa Presents: Cyberlesque 2018! An avant garde cabaret production featuring some of the finest entertainers Christchurch and New Zealand have to offer. Dazzled in neon and UV antics – step into our own dystopian sci-fi […Read More…]


The Gunroom Sessions – DeVade

Gareth and Dan pop in to discuss their new project DeVade. Check it out! The Gunroom Sessions Youtube Facebook Brought to you by Third Eye Music Management Ltd


The Madhouse 2018

The Altearoa Asylum opens its doors to the public once more for another stunning, yet truly mad, cabaret! Hosted by resident physician Dr. Von Mannschaft! Along with some of his most talented patients for an […Read More…]