Undead Poets Society – Vol 2

The second publication from our Undead Poets Society, featuring ‘The Fuschian Stain’ by Jack Xombi.

Altearoa’s Undead Poet Society is for New Zealand’s dark and alternative writers and poets to have a place to share their works. If you would like to submit a piece for our next Undead Poet release please fill in our submission form.


When you look and see a face in the oil slick – thick like coagulated congealed concealed blood on the
concrete eyes staring you by and by – click this trigger finger it’ll take you to the other
side of the mind, inside is my own demise – despise the red horizon sucking you down into it’s translucent
hue men instincts kicking your teeth into the curb, watch them scatter flutter suffer rolling away

-the day-

it won’t end here, there’s a game to be played – flay away the skin off your back and be so bold as to break your own bones, you won’t be controlled – hold that whore by her heart, and kick her thrice again, she comes for cheap – her tongue’s been stolen, she won’t murmur a
peep around the corner and when the beating ends, play a staring contest with the dogs because your enemies are your
friends for hire but they’re sellouts all the same, it was their fuckup but you bear all the blame, the shame, this is what you became

-just like me-

the victim of your fear, yeah, you’re choking now and who put you
there is a solemn face,  naked, disgraced, hanging by the noose begging not to fall – but when you really need me, I won’t be there at
all the time, drunk again, you’ve been dining on the toxicunts, the intoxicant pestilent peccant discontented contents – no, I didn’t consent, and with resentment I lament the lack of
respect your elders, your fathers, your brothers in pain – the only one’s you let kick you around, are those who know the name of your daughter (if you care) and her street
walking by night, because the bruises aren’t so blue when you’re blurred  under the lamp
light the remains, set them aflame, no kid’s gonna play his corpse poking game – while the silhouettes struggle in the (im)potent stench – she’s defecating a dumpster infant but he wants his blow job, it’s why he came – maybe when the rain’s gone I’ll show you how to
aim the barrel between his shoulder blades – rip it off and bend over, I can see you’re unafraid, but when I invade you, when I degrade you, when I deface you,  it will hurt all
the way I’ve reduced you
to the mechanical few

–and like you–

they’re bleeding animals, pleading while I proceed to overfeed them with my secreting seed – can you be discrete? I have ten thousand whispering secrets and it all starts with that mistreated concrete


if we can erase our pretence, our semblance and destroy our defence, face our reflection, immolate the deception and dependence (on sixty substances, scratch another line into the wall) peel back the skin, get on your knees and
crawl like a child, take my hand and show me who you are – we are brothers, like one another, sharing the same scar

-the Fuchsian stain

it’s preordained suicide so let’s count back from ten and when we reach the end, can we just … start over again? You’re deceiving yourself –  there’s no escape from playing pretend – follow me down the rabbit hole, you’re gagging when you want to swallow, I’d fill you up but you’d still be
hollow–point bullets threaten to disconnect my brain, but that’s okay, I never used it much anyway, urges and instincts, that’s the way we survived today – and if I wake tomorrow – find someone to embrace (maybe I’ll trade them the last of my ashen grace) I’ll reflect on those throwaway days spent in rage and I’ll try to rearrange – but there’s too many thoughts and not enough words – I can’t communicate, and when the bottle’s empty, I promise, I’ll try to change.

Jack Xombi

Jack Xombi

A unique artist of the creepy and surreal, potentially unsettling, possibly mad and almost never seen found in the wild, with fantastic results.


Altearoa’s Undead Poet Society is for New Zealand’s dark and alternative writers and poets to have a place to share their works. If you would like to submit a piece for our next Undead Poet release please fill in our submission form.

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