The Ruby Lady’s Harem

harem3The economic downturn has hit belly dancer extraordinaire, The Ruby Lady, hard and she has no choice now but to downsize her harem! This Saturday at the Pallet Pavilion (Christchurch), the boys of the harem will compete for the love of The Ruby Lady. The boys will be show-casing their skills in hopes of staying with the harem keeper and The Ruby Lady has invited to you to join her for an evening of comedy, circus skills and masculine allure.

The Ruby Lady, also known as Rachael Lundy, has been belly dancing for half her life with her first lesson at age 11. Rachael first became interested in boylesque while completing her gender studies degree at the University of Otago. After a lot of time spent watching and studying boylesque for her degree Rachael put on her first boylesque show last year in Dunedin. While her first show was a classic variety show for this one she “wanted to keep that variety show element, but also have a narrative holding it together.”

“There is a harem2huge link between belly dance and harems in popular mythology,” Lundy says giving us an idea of where the narrative for this event came from. “By flipping from harem dancer to harem keeper I wanted to pull those myths apart, but in a way that is still fun.”

“The Ruby Lady has fallen on tough times, with bills piling up, she decides she has to downsize her harem to only one. So she runs a competition with the help of Ruby Ruin, Bonita Dangerdoll and the MC Tahu to pit her harem boys against each other and make them prove themselves to her.” Lundy tells us the narrative with hints at some twists and turns along the way.

While burlesque has been on the rise through-out New Zealand, boylesque has been less common, with shows occasionally having one male burlesque performer for variety. However just as many women are entertained by burlesque there is no reason men can’t enjoy boylesque. Audiences can enjoy the political and social commentary of the show, be impressed by the skills on display or just sit back and enjoy looking at beautiful men.

The show will be feauting burlesque performers such as the wonderful girls from Tease & Trouble, Ruby Ruin & Bonita Dangerdoll. Along with the men of the harem, Dangerous Dan, Rockie Loads, Seymour Flesh and Shannon McGurgan. Rachael will not be performing as a burlesque act but will treat audiences to some of the belly dancing that makes The Ruby Lady famous.

– Vince Clark



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