The Clockwork Emporium

clockemp2Located at 32 New Regent St. is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets; A beautiful little shop with a range of fashion, jewelry, and accessories from some of Christchurch’s most enthusiastic Steampunkers.

Mike Lester and Paula Garcia opened the Clockwork Emporium and Cafe on the 7th of April with Mike running the counter and Paula providing a huge variety of jewellery, as Muse Jewellery Designs, for sale in the shop along with a huge variety of corsets, waistcoats, bow ties, cravats, hat/goggle combos from local and international designers. Mike held an interest in the Victorian dystopian-future since a teen which only grew as he discovered other people’s passion for steampunk online. He started having costume parties with mates and eventually he found himself in Oamaru competing in the annual Steampunk Festival fashion show with his dread inspiring “Agent #24”, now on display in the shop window. But that’s barely the surface; they’re also a retailer of works created by a host of artisans in the local Steampunk community such as Hills Hats, New Zealand Milliners since 1875. Heck! They’ve even got a competitive range of ray guns and tesla rifles with both Flint-Lock and Brasstech weaponry competing for your dollar.

clockemp1All of that and they’ll make you a killer cup of coffee or tea. Plus the place looks like the industrial age happened but no one ever told them nor do they care! With plush Velvet furniture, dark wooden cabinets, Art on the walls, Tram tracks out front, and a brass register the Clockwork Emporium and Cafe truly is the definitive Steampunk experience in Christchurch. Words can’t begin to describe the bounty of pre-modern goodies on display and all of it is ready for you to take home. And if for some reason you can’t make it down to New Regent Street, Mike and Paula have a virtual tour of the shop available on their website.

The Clockwork Emporium and Cafe
32 New Regent St, Tram Stop # 2 (Mike recommends the #11 Tram)
Open 10am – 5pm (With Some Late Nights)

– Jolly John Arnold

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