Seismic State – Debut EP

Friday 20 September will see the release of Wellington rock quartet Seismic State’s debut EP State of Things.

With songs ranging from upbeat ‘get up and dance’ rock, to ‘groovy’ rock ‘n’ roll, to mellow almost soulful sophistication, there’s something for all fans of rock music wall wrapped up in four tracks.

“It was tough deciding which songs to put on the EP” recalls Liam Wright, bassist and co-writer. “In the end we pretty much settled on our collective favourites, democracy at work you could say. It’s a nice mix of tunes which I think people will connect with.”

After selecting the tracks, the band hit the studio and got to work recording them. By all accounts, it was a fulfilling experience.

“This EP was an absolute pleasure to record” says frontwoman and lyricist Nicole Hardie. “We were so stoked to be able to use Chris Winter’s studio out in Avalon and have Toby Lloyd as our sound engineer and producer. It was an amazing process. We love making music and releasing this EP will definitely be a highlight in our time as a band.”

The band are also quick to acknowledge the unexpected input from orchestral musicians Olivia Wilding and Harry Hartstone, as Hardie explains. “We recorded some live strings on our track Forty Five with the wonderfully talented Olivia and Harry on cello and violin. That was something we didn’t think we would do but when the idea was floated we made it happen with the amazing network of musicians in Wellington.”

Friday 20 September is also the date when Seismic State throw their EP release party at Caroline in Wellington, supported by special guests Archie The Brave. Seismic State will bring their energetic brand of rock, showcasing the songs from State of Things as well as a number of unreleased tracks.

Formed in early 2018 by former members of Auckland band Dirty Riot; Sai Soe (guitar) and Liam Wright (bass) were joined by Matthijs van Dijk (drums) and Nicole Hardie (vocals & guitar) and immediately got to work writing and gigging in and around Wellington.

Their style mixes rock with elements of funk, progressive and alternative as they combine riff-oriented guitar with melodic basslines and driving drum rhythms forming a foundation for creative vocal melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. The result is an accessible and sonically pleasing brand of rock music.

Toby Lloyd of T-Lloyd Productions; who recorded, mixed and produced the EP is excited by the point of difference Seismic State brings to New Zealand music. “Seismic State are a breath of fresh air for the New Zealand rock scene” he says. “For far too long rock bands have taken themselves far too seriously and it’s so great to hear a kick ass band playing rock music that is not only compelling but also fun! With killer riffs, banging drums, smooth bass lines and incredibly honest and poetic vocals; they are a definite must see for any fans of rock music.”

State of Things will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, Deezer, YouTube and other major streaming platforms, as well on Compact Disc, from Friday 20 September.

For a taste of what to expect, the first two singles; Genius and Since We Last Spoke are available to download and stream now.

Further gig information and tickets are available at JustTheTicket.

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