Outside In – Blue Dragon (Release)

Throughout the new single, Outside In glide through a captivating blend of prog, alt-rock, and ambience, crafting a sound that’s not quite like anything else currently making the rounds. With vast instrumental arrangements and soaring vocal melodies… the kind of track that’ll stick with you for weeks. – Happy

Blue Dragon is the third and final single to drop before the release of their upcoming debut album Karmatrain (due out this December) following on from ‘Pass on the Flag’ and ‘The Garden of Light’ released earlier this year. Blue Dragon creates an exceptionally well polished melodic soundscape that tackles concepts of ego and the way we treat ourselves and others. This Auckland based alt-rock group may blend prog-rock elements with powerful and catchy vocals into their own unique sound but there is an inescapable Kiwi quality to it. Whether or not that helps or hurts overseas is hard to say but its a quality that will certainly win over local ears.

With Karmatrain being mixed by Dave Rhodes (Blindspott, Head Like a Hole) we think its safe to say this is one album to keep an eye out for. With a more universally accessible sound than a lot of the acts we normally cover here at Altearoa this is one group we actually recommend you show your friends and colleagues because without doubt we will be seeing a lot more of Outside In once the album drops later this year.

‘How dare you stand there, on the mountain, with your self-appointed crown’ 

Director: Ashton Brown | Videography: Jonnie Barnard | Post production: Mikey Rockwell
Starring: Mikey Brown, Ashton Brown, Lucy Lyons, Finn Brown | Music: Outside In


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