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Since forming in 2011, Empire have been carving their place into the Christchurch music scene with a force and energy that is impossible to ignore. The five-piece metal band is fronted by vocalist Diego who knows how to take command of a stage and get everyone in the room involved, while drummer Rhyz smashes his drum kit with such precision and energy that it’s difficult not to get moving along to the brutal power of Empire’s songs. The intensity with which Tim and Jeremy lay down the driving and intricate guitar riffs is always unforgettable, while bassist Eddie thumps out the bone rattling bass lines that fill out the heaviness of Empire’s sound.

In a local music scene filled with metal, Empire have formed a solid reputation for themselves which sets them apart from the other bands, not only within Christchurch, but within New Zealand. This has earned them a devoted fan base, ensuring that every gig played has a strong audience attendance.

As a result of this reputation, Empire have made it through to the Regional Finals of Battle of the Bands in both 2015 and 2016, which saw them fly to Auckland to compete onstage at NZ famous The Kings Arms. Leaving an incredible impression on the audience, Empire were awarded the People’s Choice Award in 2016 for their unforgettable performance, which adds further to their solid reputation as a band who always delivers and always leaves the audience wanting more.

Late 2015 saw the much anticipated release of Empire’s debut EP, Hatred; Justice on reverbnation, which was recorded and produced by Jamie Thomson at Orange Studios in Christchurch. The title track Hatred Justice plays like an opening to an epic high budget Viking series which paints a vivid image of savage, testosterone fuelled battle scenes with a chorus that will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. This is a theme which continues throughout Empire’s tracks, drawing you in with their signature guitar tone and raw energy, which tells a story both lyrically and musically, before ensuring there is no escape as their melodic choruses chug their way into your subconscious, so that before you know it, you wake up with Empire’s songs stuck in your head.

Having played shows throughout NZ with bands such as Dragonforce, 8 Foot Sativa, Tainted, Vanishing Point, The Rising Tide, Echolypse, Osmium, Just One Fix, and Bow Messiah, Empire have proven with every gig that they are a band who undoubtedly belong up there on stage with NZ’s best.

 Vocals – Diego ‘Grim’ Attinger
Drums – Rhyz Bell
Bass – Eddie Scales
Guitar – Tim ‘Frosthammer’ King
Guitar – Jeremy Ditmer

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