Metal Monday – Destructatron

For eons I have laid dormant
Patiently awaiting my time
Reassembled andreawakened
By these
 six humans
Offering their weak flesh
Merging their minds
Assimilated with my technology
One with my superior form
Feeding from the collective destructive force of humanity
I will use this force to eradicate the infestation
With these powers combined

Not aiming for any specific genre, but influenced by death, thrash, groove, tech, core and more. Destructatron aims to bring a crushing live set of neck breaking, mosh inciting tunes, assimilate the masses and assert his dominance over this world of puny earthlings.

 Vocals – Alan Gregson
Drums – Nate Walker
Bass – Rob Walker
Guitar – Jesse Wheeler
Guitar – Tim Ryan 
Keyboard – Cory Mckenzie


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One of the original founders of Altearoa in 2013. Coming from a background in theatre and the perfoming arts Vince is the jack-of-all-trades behind - creating graphics, developing the website, and producing events along side writing and photography work.

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