Onward – A Word With Paul Martin (Devilskin)

Lexa (Axl) Dixon has a chat with Paul Martin of Devilskin fame in advance of their upcoming tour ‘Onward – A Decade of Devilskin’ which kicks off October 3rd in Invercargill before heading off all around the country. Check out our Event Guide for more tour info or book your tickets now from EventFinda.

How did the name Devilskin come about? I made it up 😊

WOW! It’s been a decade already?! Time has flown by! What are you most proud about at this point? Most proud of the bands strength and endurance and our amazing fans.

I hear another awesome NZ band is playing with you, Like A Storm, how did this happen? We invited them, we’ve bumped into the guys on tour overseas a bit and share a mutual admiration of each others music and work ethic.

Every show that I go to has been full on with pyros, lights and craziness, so what can we expect with this upcoming tour? More of the same, killer opening acts, top production and a massive party vibe!

Two fantastic albums, and two recently released singles, what has been your favourite album & song so far? That’s 3 albums Axl! Too hard to choose, it’s like picking your favourite child! I love them all equally.

What can you tell us about your “All Fall Down” single? This song was written as a wake up call, society is on a crash course, we need to be aware!

Devilskin has won two New Zealand Music Awards, including best rock album for Be Like The River, how did that feel? Its always amazing to have your work/passion recognised like that. We were extremely honoured.. But at the same time, we feel that great when people tell us how much our music means to them.

What has it been like having international fame? Fame is a pretty subjective term, but we love the fact that we can tour internationally and get great crowds and win hearts. Its an incredible feeling.

Who has been the most memorable band/singer that you have opened for? Hard to pick one but after spending a couple of months with Halestorm we have grown pretty close to those guys. Slash was an awesome host as well, we had a lot of fun on his tour.

And if you could choose any band/singer to play with, who would that be? For me, I am playing with the singer and band of my dreams 😊

What motivated you to become a guitarist? Was it always a dream of yours? I never dreamed of playing big stages and touring the world. The motivation was borne from my love for music and the way it touches my soul. I dreamed of being able to communicate through music and I still dream of, and strive towards being being a better guitar player.

What can you tell us about the next album and when can we expect it? I can tell you that we think it’s our best work yet, the songs are really personal to us and we cannot wait for people to hear them. We have no release date penned in as yet but will keep you posted.

What has been the most embarrassing moment on tour? Getting food poisoning in France wasn’t my best moment. But apart from that nothing comes to mind.

What’s the strangest present you have ever received from a fan? A bloody pigs tooth from an Australian biker.

When you have it, what do you like to do in your spare time? I like spending time with friends and my family, ride my motorbike, play music.

If you could start a rumour about yourself, what would it be? That I died in 1987 and was replaced by a cyborg.

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