Dark Divinity – NZ Metal Supergroup?

Already exploding in popularity in the New Zealand metal scene, Dark Divinity, released their first track November 11th 2017; and within the week the track saw features on both No Clean Singing, and Metal Abyss.

Put together by Ian Moir, the drummer for Into Orbit, this first track also features Andy Woodd from the legendary Cripple Mr. Onion, and Alan Gregson of Destructatron along with Jake Booth. Though we are still waiting for a permanent line-up announcement from the group.

…inspired by genre originators At the Gates, In Flames & Soilwork while also drawing influence from black/death metal acts such as Immortal, Cradle of Filth & Morbid Angel.

We’ll be looking forward to doing a full review as more material becomes available but in the meantime we won’t bore you with our thoughts on this epic debut track – so check it out for yourselves!

The track has unsurprisingly been well received considering the calibre of the musicians involved. Though with most New Zealand musicians frequently part of many bands when does it cross the line into a kiwi supergroup? Without any doubt though, featuring such veterans of the NZ music industry, this is one metal band worth keeping an eye on.


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