Creep: An Exhibition

creepHosted by In Good Company Space, an artist workspace and gallery, on Cuba St in Wellington. Creep brings a variety of artists together across a variety of mediums to make an exhibit you would hate you miss. Crystal skulls, macabre imagery, a touch of Dali, and sacred geometry makes for a diverse display from artists; Izzy Joy, Victoria White, Kali Skinner, Needless Cane, Fiona Johnston, Lady Stab, & Phillip Silverman.

Greeting you at the doorway to the gallery are two acrylic on plywood paintings from Izzy Joy, the creepy children staring down at you set a wonderful tone for the exhibit. Other works, including ‘Things in Jars’, make for a wonderful way to have a slightly less macabre display of tentacles and body bits around the house but its possibly ‘Mushrooms are Sentient’ that is the most thought-provoking.

Needless Cane brought some impressive watercolours to the exhibit. With a fantastic grasp of the surreal he brings to mind the works of Salvador Dali and the lesser known watercolour works of Marilyn Manson. It is a rare mind that can depict such a bizarre scene with such skill whether it’s a table that comes to you or a Jack-In-The-Box with a considerably more frightening message.

With so many other fine pieces; such as Kali Skinners ‘Creep Flowers’ would you shake hands with a flower if you could? The incredible mixed-media creations from Fiona Johnston twisting the sacred and demonising fairy tale creatures. Victoria White bringing a character to life through her digital prints or the impressive craftsmanship of Phillip Silverman’s glass/ceramic skulls.

Lady Stab brings her own curious creations and anatomical displays, featuring a real skull, and a variety of occult and primal imagery however it was the opening piece of performance art that had people vying for the best views. Twisted Shadows Part 1 was a wonderful display of body piercing and ritual. Twisted Shadows Part 2 will be featuring at Shadowplay Presents: Daniel Graves and will be a sight not to be missed.

Running from Halloween night to November 6th the art has been selling quickly with many pieces already sold on opening night. Head down to In Good Company, before these incredible images disappear into private collections, and get your fix of the macabre and bizarre for another day.

– Vince Clark



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