Effigy & Ink

Jack is a creator of creepy and cute art that includes painting, drawing, dolls, 3D and other explorations.

Ever since I came slithering out of my mothers vagina, I’ve been making art. One of the earliest pictures I drew was a shark eating a school of fish, swimming in a pool of blood. It’s pretty good. It eventually evolved into a series of drawings that told the story of a black cat who hated his owner, so he’d fantasize about beheading her and other ways to bring about her end. I was nine.
Now, I’m currently finishing up an art course and focusing on exploration of different kinds of media and ideas with a goal of eventually making my own ball jointed dolls and frightening the world with weird gore and sex art. If that sounds absolutely horrendous to you, that’s cool, I’ll probably still be drawing cats and cute vampires too.

Effigy & Ink

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