Vincent Clark – 2018

Vincent ‘Wolfman’ Clark
Managing Director

As one of the founders of Altearoa, Vincent has taken the reins and now solely directs the organisation in its mission to promote alternative arts and culture in Aotearoa. Growing up with a family background rich in theatre and film, Vince has the arts in his blood. With a decidedly gothic, ostentatious flair,  the majority of design work found in the Altearoa’s works has come from his hand, including the website as it currently exists. A jack-of-all-trades, Vincent can often be found behind a camera, or running lights for the organisations cabaret productions.

With a long (but youthful) history of acting and performance, Vincent has spent his production hiatus practicing old skills and gaining new ones, and plans to return to the stage and screen in 2019. Though most widely known for his work behind-the-scenes, Vincent is no stranger to the spotlight and features as a fang model for U.S. retailer VampFangs. You can follow his personal Instagram for more insight into his creative world and get a peek at his performance skills such as juggling, knife-throwing, and fire spinning.

Rachel Davies – 2018

Rachel Davies

Joining the project in 2018, Rachel brings her beautiful mind to help tidy things up for the typically inexperienced writers who contribute to Altearoa; she has quickly proven to be an incredibly valuable member of our team.

In addition to joining the Altearoa project, during 2018 she also launched herself as a model and has amassed fans from around the world with her dark beauty, including featuring in the now retired ‘Model of the Month’ segment here on Altearoa. Also a wife and mother of two, Rachel is truly an unstoppable force of nature and clearly not to be trifled with.

Photo by Ryan Patrick Photography


Daniel Heaphy – 2018

Daniel Heaphy
Artistic Director

A graduate of the CPIT (now Ara) CircoArts school and the Hagley Theatre Company, Daniel Heaphy’s knowledge of the performing arts has added a lot of polish to Altearoa productions. Having also worked with Free Theatre Christchurch and the Christchurch Circus Trust, Daniel is a professional performer, specialising in acrobatic stilt walking and trapeze. Perhaps most well-known for his sideshow and freak pieces, he is responsible for bringing to life a number of character’s for Altearoa, including the delightfully mad ‘Dr. Von Mannschaft’ resident physician at The Madhouse, and also the sarcastic ‘Satan’ running The Devil’s Cabaret.

The combined behind-the-scenes efforts of Daniel and Vincent are what make the Altearoa productions what they are. But that is only the beginning, as the two have embarked on a new creation; the entertaining duo of ‘Wolfman and the Bat’, intending to hit stages 2019, combining dry wit and slapstick humour to showcase their unique skills.

Contributors Past & Present

Ken de Montalk | John Arnold | Stella McGuigan | Axl Scott (Lexa Dixon) | Laura Borrowdale | Julia Saunders | David Snell | Timothy ‘Frosthammer’ King


Vincent Clark, John Arnold, Ken de Montalk – 24th August 2013

Altearoa is here to bring you everything New Zealand has to offer in alternative shows, gigs, and events. We want you to know about all the talent that NZ has to offer. Along with our event guide, we’ll be bringing you interviews, reviews, articles, features, and anything else we can, to really go into depth about whats going on around Aotearoa.

Formed June 11th 2013, Altearoa has grown steadily and we don’t plan on stopping. Altearoa produced its first show, ‘The Madhouse‘, in October 2015, featuring a blend of music and burlesque. Our 2016 show ‘Frostocalypse‘ was an epic production of pure metal music.

Altearoa (at the time being solely run by remaining founder, Vincent Clark) produced three cabarets in 2017: The Madhouse II, Cyberlesque, and The Devil’s Cabaret. The Devil’s Cabaret was the organisations breakthrough successful, due in no small part to the addition of the team’s artistic director – Daniel Heaphy. The Madhouse and Cyberlesque both returned to the stage in 2018, and we have new and exciting acts in the works for 2019.