Undead Poets Society – Vol 1

15 July, 2017 Altearoa 0

The first publication from our Undead Poets Society, featuring submitted works from local writers, L.M.R., Stacey-Ann Clark, & Barnaby Dromgool. Altearoa’s Undead Poet Society is for New Zealand’s dark and [Read More…]

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Dead End Derby

15 June, 2017 Altearoa 0

Dead End Derby Christchurch Rollergirls do battle at home and away. Over the weekend, Dead End Derby’s Living Dead Rollers travelled to Tauranga to compete in “War of the Wheels [Read More…]

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Cyberlesque 2017

12 May, 2017 Altearoa 0

Virtual reality has swept the world, cybernetic augmentation has become common place and genetic modifications are performed in back alley surgeries. In the wake of virtual entertainment underground clubs of [Read More…]

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What Lies Behind the Make-Up

11 April, 2017 Altearoa 0

Originally Published 01/04/17 Living Dolls Inc became a registered company in New Zealand; October 21st 2011, and from there it began to make headlines and attract considerable amounts of media attention. [Read More…]

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Paint a Picturesque

29 December, 2016 Altearoa 0

Darkwave delights ‘Paint a Picturesque’ of Deer Thomas Deer Thomas is the name gifted to a musical adventure by the artist formally known as Rupe Rabble. For you punk lovers [Read More…]