Vincent Clark, John Arnold, Ken de Montalk – 24th August 2013

Altearoa is here to bring you everything New Zealand has to offer in alternative shows, gigs, and events. We want you to know about all the talent that NZ has to offer. Along with our event guide we’ll be bringing you interviews, reviews, articles, features, and anything we can to really go into some depth about whats going on around Aotearoa.

Formed June 11th 2013 Altearoa has grown steadily and continued to improve itself. Altearoa produced its first show,’The Madhouse‘, in October 2015 featuring a blend of music and burlesque. The next production ‘Frostocalypse‘ was a show of pure metal music in 2016 but an assortment of issues within the Altearoa team lead to a long break on shows.

Altearoa, now being firmly run by founder Vincent Clark, produced three cabarets in 2017: The Madhouse II, Cyberlesque, and The Devil’s Cabaret. The Devil’s Cabaret was the organisations first clearly successful production due in no small part to the new found artistic director – Daniel Heaphy.