Baking With The Skinny Villains

Down at Bodega, on a springy Saturday evening; October 22nd to be exact; there lay a stage, and unbeknownst what power would come from that stage till 8pm.

There was nothing but chitter chatter, excitement and crowd cheers until the bakers, Bakers Eddy to be precise, jumped on stage and performed an amazing opening act on their home turf.

Up next were the boys that have been making it big in the recent months, Skinny Hobos. Sam Holdom on the drums, and the man himself, Alex Ferrier, leading it on vocals. They had the crowd hysterical with their original sound and their powerful instrumental solos. One thing about the Skinny Hobos is their interaction with each other on stage that also gets the crowd going.

The mode was set, and it was clear to all what was about to happen. The energetic Villainy was about to set the stage on fire. Lead by Neil Fraser (Vocals & Guitar) and accompanied by James Dylan (Bass), Dave Johnston (Drums & Backing Vocals) and Thom Watts (Lead Guitar). The boys played all their greats from their first album (Mode.Set.Clear) and their latest album (Dead Sight) including No Future, Safe Passage, Ammunition and Give Up The Ghost. There was no one in the venue that wasn’t rockin’ out.

The boys from Skinny Hobos & Villainy also gave their time to answer a few questions, so be sure to check that out!

 – Lexa Dixon

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