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Paybacks a bitch… or is it? An unfortunately large number of people in New Zealand have been left in the cold having paid for photoshoots that never happened, or have never received photos after months of trying to reclaim them, its become a stain on the industry but a team has come together to clean up the mess. Make-up artist JD Malendine explains:

“The Payback is a way for us to help those who have been wronged and ripped off”

The Payback Project team comes together from around Australia and New Zealand and will be hitting Christchurch June 12th. If you think the team can help you, send them a message on Facebook or email and tell them you’re story. People are welcome to remain anonymous or if willing post their experience straight to the page.

Jackel – Rapper, award winning showgirl, and model. New Zealand born but currently based out of Australia, Jackel, has appeared in almost every major magazine Australia has to offer all while collecting a variety of titles and awards.

“As an group of self made artists who know the struggles of wanting to start a modelling career, have a boost of self confidence or just have some beautiful photos for yourself , we believe that it’s your right to get what was promised to you.”

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JD Malendine -Professionally Trained HMUA (Hair & Makeup Artist) currently based in New South Wales, Australia. With more than a decade of experience working in the hair and beauty industry JD has amassed an amazing array of skills such as special effects make-up, graphic designs, digital photography and image manipulation. Member of Altearoa’s 2015 Hall of Fame.

Brittany Foley – A model with a background in dance, this self-taught photographer has built a photography studio from the ground up in Christchurch and amassed an impressive collection of outfits and accessories to offer a wide-range of shoot options.

Vicky Quenault – Event planner, photographer, graphic designer. Christchurch based, Vicky, is a woman of many talents and has worked with a variety of New Zealand starlets in the past including her pioneering work on RevALTz magazine.

Pagan Marie Frisby – Trained both behind and in front of the the lens, international tattooed model, Pagan has an eye for styling, designing and assisting overall concepts making her perfect candidate for the Payback Project. Member of Altearoa’s 2016 Hall of Fame.

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Vanita Miller – Model and student of fashion design at Christchurch’s Ara Institute, Vanita’s eye for detail and sense of style has seen her awarded 1st Emerging Designer at Canterbury Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 and 2nd Emerging Designer Autumn/Winter 2016.

Josh Hart – Up and coming fashion designer with a love for all things that sparkle. A history of consulting and commission work has led to a particular interest in quick-change costuming a thrilling challenge for any young designer.

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