C2 – Pentalogy

The latest auditory offering from C2 and New Zealand’s deep south; following on from the Quadrants album, Pentalogy is another symphony of noise, with enough anger to make any rivethead happy. Guest vocals from Adam […Read More…]


The Madhouse

Altearoa Presents: The Madhouse! For the fourth time The Altearoa Asylum opens its doors and invites you in to view the delightful skills and talents of its patients. Hosted once again by our resident physician […Read More…]


The Speakeasy Burlesque Club

Boo Radley’s Food & Liquor & Bonita Danger Doll presents the The Speakeasy Burlesque Club! Upstairs on Victoria Street inside Boo Radley’s, lurks a world of stockings, feathers, and fabulousness with fan-dancing divas, tantalizing tassel-twirlers, […Read More…]


Light the Lamp

Entering its third year in action, Light the Lamp, has made its mark as a yearly highlight of cabaret in Christchurch. This year saw an incredibly diverse line-up with; burlesque, pole (solo & duo), lyra, […Read More…]


Metal Monday – Destructatron

For eons I have laid dormant Patiently awaiting my time Reassembled andreawakened By these six humans Offering their weak flesh Merging their minds Assimilated with my technology One with my superior form Feeding from the collective […Read More…]