The Burlesque Collective: Our Favourite Things

Choosing a favourite act at My Favourite Things is harder than picking from a full box of chocolates. The Burlesque Collective of Christchurch, joined with other special guests, pulled out the best acts from their repertoire to bring the crowd a smorgasbord for the senses. Primarily showcasing burlesque, the Collective invited musical and circus acts … Continue reading “The Burlesque Collective: Our Favourite Things”

The Burlesque Collective – All That Glitters

Walking in, the stage was set, the night was themed for 1930’s and 40’s. An era I’m particularly fond of, also the era that gave birth to burlesque as we know it, and it’s this appreciation for the roots of their passion that gives me a massive respect for them and their craft. The debut … Continue reading “The Burlesque Collective – All That Glitters”