Nillionaires Club – Burlesque & Bass

Nillionaires Club – Burlesque & Bass, Christchurch 6th May 2016 Two years on from when Ruby Ruin first unveiled The Nillionaires Club to the public and things have only improved. The Nillionaires Club always makes for an impressive show case as performers are encouraged to get creative and show the audience that the arts are … Continue reading “Nillionaires Club – Burlesque & Bass”

Nillionaires Club

“Fundraising to help our local starving artists achieve dreams”, the Nillionaires Club, is the latest contribution that the wonderful Ruby Ruin has made to the¬†artistic community. “The Nillionaires Club philosophy is about living life to the fullest, dreaming big dreams and aiming for the stars despite the nil budget most of¬†us scrape by on in … Continue reading “Nillionaires Club”