Interview with Keller Kinder

Interview as recorded on 02/08/2014 with Duncan (vocals & bass), Brad (programming & synths). Missing Anton (guitar).  HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR MUSIC? DUNCAN I don’t know, I suppose it’s electronic, its dark, its sinister, its aggressive, its introspective, its mopey at times. It has… BRAD Have you got any more adjectives left? (laughs) DUNCAN … Continue reading “Interview with Keller Kinder”

Keller Kinder – Dying City Release Show

Keller Kinder 2nd August 2014Four years since their last show in Christchurch, the city finally got another opportunity to see Keller Kinder live, along with C2 & from Dunedin, and local act Aut0n. A night full of industrial and goth rock, seldom seen in the city, attracted a good number from the local goth community … Continue reading “Keller Kinder – Dying City Release Show”

Keller Kinder – Dying City

Gothtronica at its finest. Keller Kinder formed in 2007 and have been impressing a local and international audience ever since. Their first album, Kindergarten, had fantastic reviews from all around the globe. After such success with their first album their second album, Dying City, was highly anticipated though fans did have a long wait. An album worth … Continue reading “Keller Kinder – Dying City”