Interview with Isabella Darling

Interview recorded on 01/04/2015Altearoa: So tell us about Isabella Darling and how you got started in burlesque? Isabella Darling: Basically, when I first signed up for the Burlesque classes, it was because I knew of Dita Von Teese, a lot of people probably say that. In High School, I was always the pasty skinned girl … Continue reading “Interview with Isabella Darling”

Dr. Sketchy’s Christchurch

“Beer, Boobies and Glory” is a pretty honest way to describe the artistic┬ámadness that is Dr. Sketchy’s Christchurch. Born from a bottle of whiskey in the early Two Thousand and Teens, this chapter of the Anti-Art School has been growing from strength to strength. Run by the amazing duo of Rosie Reckless and Tawdry Trainwreck, … Continue reading “Dr. Sketchy’s Christchurch”