Interview with Crash-Scan

Interview recorded on 30/10/2015 Altearoa: How did Crash-Scan get started? Ron: I sort of started it just making stuff on the computer. Me and my mate Hoani wrote a few tracks and showed them to Bryan. I was going to play bass originally and Hoani was going to play guitar, we found a vocalist but … Continue reading “Interview with Crash-Scan”

Crash-Scan – Repeat Until False

Industrial metal from the countries capital city. Crash-Scan formed in 2008 with their début album, Catalyst, released in 2009. We’ve been checking out their latest album, Repeat Until False, released April 2014. Recorded with; Ron Nobbs on vocals and programming, Bryan Tabuteau on programming and synths, and Vivian Stewart on guitar and bass. Something that is often … Continue reading “Crash-Scan – Repeat Until False”