Miss Alternative Fox 2017

Miss Alternative Fox reaches its fourth year of running and things are not what they once were. From a grand beginning with Miss Alt Fox 2013 each year seems to have seen a decline; 2013 featuring roughly double the amount of entrants from this year. Though the event seems to have gotten smaller, the crowds … Continue reading “Miss Alternative Fox 2017”

House of Tease: Rookie Burlesque Revue (Second Half)

Photo gallery from the House of Tease: Rookie Burlesque Revue 2017 Second Half Featuring: Bonita Danger Doll | Ruby Rocket | Little Bit Of Sass | Heaven Z’Dor | Sweetheart Souzie | Mythical Haze | School of Tease Performance at The Halo Venue, Christchurch, April 21st 2017 First Half Gallery Here! Photography by Vince Clark

The Burlesque Collective: Our Favourite Things

Choosing a favourite act at My Favourite Things is harder than picking from a full box of chocolates. The Burlesque Collective of Christchurch, joined with other special guests, pulled out the best acts from their repertoire to bring the crowd a smorgasbord for the senses. Primarily showcasing burlesque, the Collective invited musical and circus acts … Continue reading “The Burlesque Collective: Our Favourite Things”

Seriously Sexy Sideshow

Seriously Sexy Sideshow 12th June 2015 Tease & Trouble never fail to entertain. The Seriously Sexy Sideshow was another great show from the dynamic burlesque duo. Teaming up with the greatest hair in busking; Mulletman, and the magical David Ladderman made for a fantastic variety show of unadulterated talent. Combined with a few delicious cocktails … Continue reading “Seriously Sexy Sideshow”

Dragons Den Social Lounge Late Night Burlesque & Cabaret

Dragon’s Den 17th October 2014Last night I had the pleasure of visiting The Dragons Den, the latest offering from the creators of Burgers & Beers conveniently located next door to their Colombo street restaurant. What I found inside was a dark gothic lounge with a cool relaxed atmosphere I haven’t seen in Christchurch in a long time. The … Continue reading “Dragons Den Social Lounge Late Night Burlesque & Cabaret”

Miss Alternative Fox 2014

Miss Alternative Fox 28th August 2014 Miss Alternative Fox came back stronger than ever, after its première show last year, it promised to be a fantastic evening. Particularly with the surprise announcement that it would be featuring local burlesque starlets; Ruby Ruin, and Bonita Danger Doll, of Tease & Trouble Productions. Just one of the … Continue reading “Miss Alternative Fox 2014”

Winter Brrrlesque

Winter Brrrlesque 26th July 2014 Some people enjoy warming their bones by the fire on a chilly winter’s night. Others may go for a nice walk or enjoy a hot toddy. But Altearoa enjoy finding new ways to keep the blood pumping and Winter Brrrlesque at Club 604 was just the ticket this weekend. The club … Continue reading “Winter Brrrlesque”

Nillionaires Club

“Fundraising to help our local starving artists achieve dreams”, the Nillionaires Club, is the latest contribution that the wonderful Ruby Ruin has made to the artistic community. “The Nillionaires Club philosophy is about living life to the fullest, dreaming big dreams and aiming for the stars despite the nil budget most of us scrape by on in … Continue reading “Nillionaires Club”

The Ruby Lady’s Harem

The economic downturn has hit belly dancer extraordinaire, The Ruby Lady, hard and she has no choice now but to downsize her harem! This Saturday at the Pallet Pavilion (Christchurch), the boys of the harem will compete for the love of The Ruby Lady. The boys will be show-casing their skills in hopes of staying with the harem keeper … Continue reading “The Ruby Lady’s Harem”