8 Foot Sativa @ New City Hotel

I’ve been excited for some shows but this show was next level hype. I know 8 Foot Sativa are top tier but holy shit. Lebowski, In Our Sights, Empire and 8 Foot Sativa all in one show is a guaranteed EPIC NIGHT. I walked in, found a decent spot and was near on instantly serenaded … Continue reading “8 Foot Sativa @ New City Hotel”

The Narcocorrido Tour

Featuring; 8 Foot Sativa, & Head Like A Hole, in Christchurch 1st August 2015 Where the fuck do I start on this review? What a night, two of NZ’s biggest bands taking Christchurch for one hell of a ride, and what a wicked ride it was too. It all kicked off with 8 Foot taking … Continue reading “The Narcocorrido Tour”

8 Foot Sativa – Shadow Masters

So I’ve been listening to 8 Foot Sativa’s latest album, Shadow Masters, for some time now and I must admit, this is one badass album. Best way I can describe it is Thrash Metal meets Grunge meets Hate Made Me & Season For Assault, and depending on your point of view (this is mine) those … Continue reading “8 Foot Sativa – Shadow Masters”