SKINfarm III 25th January 2015  The evening kicked off with the “professional weirdo” MC, Jenn O Cide, all the way from the show biz capital of the US, Vegas, just to make our sides split with her own blend of acidic, pain junkie humour. In between acts, this teal haired vixen of almost Amazonian height … Continue reading “SKINfarm III”

The Clockwork Emporium

Located at 32 New Regent St. is one of New Zealand’s best kept secrets; A beautiful little shop with a range of fashion, jewelry, and accessories from some of Christchurch’s most enthusiastic Steampunkers. Mike Lester and Paula Garcia opened the Clockwork Emporium and Cafe on the 7th of April with Mike running the counter and Paula … Continue reading “The Clockwork Emporium”

Interview with Keller Kinder

Interview as recorded on 02/08/2014 with Duncan (vocals & bass), Brad (programming & synths). Missing Anton (guitar).  HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR MUSIC? DUNCAN I don’t know, I suppose it’s electronic, its dark, its sinister, its aggressive, its introspective, its mopey at times. It has… BRAD Have you got any more adjectives left? (laughs) DUNCAN … Continue reading “Interview with Keller Kinder”

Dragons Den Social Lounge Late Night Burlesque & Cabaret

Dragon’s Den 17th October 2014Last night I had the pleasure of visiting The Dragons Den, the latest offering from the creators of Burgers & Beers conveniently located next door to their Colombo street restaurant. What I found inside was a dark gothic lounge with a cool relaxed atmosphere I haven’t seen in Christchurch in a long time. The … Continue reading “Dragons Den Social Lounge Late Night Burlesque & Cabaret”

Project: Blood – The Dark Below

When first listening to Project: Blood, my initial thoughts were “Wow, these guys are very Static X” of which I really liked, I’ve always been a Static X fan. The more you listen to this EP, the less Static X they sound, which is fine because this is a Project: Blood EP, not a Static X … Continue reading “Project: Blood – The Dark Below”

Acacia Coterie

Acacia Coterie 28th August 2014The girls of TribalDiva Belly Dance Company really wowed the crowd at their event, The Acacia Coterie. The doors opened on time with a good atmosphere of Tribal Fusion and inexpensive wine letting the punters arrange themselves in comfortable chairs. What followed was a plethora of Dance numbers starting with the TribalDiva girls … Continue reading “Acacia Coterie”

Nullifier – Silent Destruction

When I was given this album to review, it was said that Nullifier are a thrash metal band, but I think there is a lot more to Nullifier than just thrash metal. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for but I have a strong like of thrash metal and Nullifier’s Silent Destruction definitely … Continue reading “Nullifier – Silent Destruction”

Miss Alternative Fox 2014

Miss Alternative Fox 28th August 2014 Miss Alternative Fox came back stronger than ever, after its première show last year, it promised to be a fantastic evening. Particularly with the surprise announcement that it would be featuring local burlesque starlets; Ruby Ruin, and Bonita Danger Doll, of Tease & Trouble Productions. Just one of the … Continue reading “Miss Alternative Fox 2014”

Keller Kinder – Dying City Release Show

Keller Kinder 2nd August 2014Four years since their last show in Christchurch, the city finally got another opportunity to see Keller Kinder live, along with C2 & from Dunedin, and local act Aut0n. A night full of industrial and goth rock, seldom seen in the city, attracted a good number from the local goth community … Continue reading “Keller Kinder – Dying City Release Show”

Winter Brrrlesque

Winter Brrrlesque 26th July 2014 Some people enjoy warming their bones by the fire on a chilly winter’s night. Others may go for a nice walk or enjoy a hot toddy. But Altearoa enjoy finding new ways to keep the blood pumping and Winter Brrrlesque at Club 604 was just the ticket this weekend. The club … Continue reading “Winter Brrrlesque”