C2 – Quadrants: The Stories of Four

“Are you a bystander, a cause or a solution? What happens when the unknown becomes constant and the hyper awareness becomes truly horrible. The stories of four explores the cloudy line between memory, premonition and action through a state of being that does not allow clarity but does allow us to be haunted by the simplest things … Continue reading “C2 – Quadrants: The Stories of Four”

Interview with TribalDiva

Interview as recorded on 09/11/2013Altearoa: How did you get started with belly dance and TribalDiva? Aaralyn: I saw a video of my friend dancing and I thought it looked really cool, so I started taking some classes, and then TribalDiva formed out of senior students at the school of contemporary belly dance. Nova: I think … Continue reading “Interview with TribalDiva”

The Ruby Lady’s Harem

The economic downturn has hit belly dancer extraordinaire, The Ruby Lady, hard and she has no choice now but to downsize her harem! This Saturday at the Pallet Pavilion (Christchurch), the boys of the harem will compete for the love of The Ruby Lady. The boys will be show-casing their skills in hopes of staying with the harem keeper … Continue reading “The Ruby Lady’s Harem”

Miss Alternative Fox 2013

The first of its kind, The Fox & Ferret The Palms, hosts Miss Alternative Fox. An exciting alternative to the yearly Miss Fox contests hosted by The Fox & Ferret Riccarton. With sponsors including tattoo parlour Epic Ink, Janine Jansen Hairdressing, Dolly Boutique and more, along with a strong list of judges including international alternative model Jackal it … Continue reading “Miss Alternative Fox 2013”

Interview with Ghost Daddy

Interview as recorded on 15/09/2013 Disclaimer: The members of Ghost Daddy can be very sarcastic which cannot be adequately made clear in transcription. Altearoa: How would you define Ghost Daddy’s music? Andre: Yea, I dunno, I reckon its leaning towards the industrial side of things. Amy: I reckon alternative rock, alt hard-rock, I guess. Mykel: … Continue reading “Interview with Ghost Daddy”

Ghost Daddy

A Christchurch based band playing their own unique style of alternative hard-rock, Ghost Daddy have quickly built quite a fan base and a big name for themselves around New Zealand, with their first video release capturing a lot of media attention. The five piece band features Peeping Andre Paris doing vocals, Amy Renholder on guitar, Mykel Cole on … Continue reading “Ghost Daddy”

Interview With Dead End Derby

Interview as recorded on 24/08/2013. Photograpy provided by Craig Crew  Altearoa: Can you explain Roller Derby for our readers? Mystique: Basically, roller derby consists of two teams. It’s an all-female, quad-roller-skate, full contact sport. There is an oval track, four girls from each team get on the track, and each team has a jammer as well. … Continue reading “Interview With Dead End Derby”

Needless Cane – The Sun Did Not Shine

Needless Cane is an alternative metal band, based in Wellington, with the upcoming EP, The Sun Did Not Shine. This seven track EP promises some dark sounds and interesting listening. It opens with “Death of the War Machine” which features a deep driving rhythm with monotonous vocals. This opening track brings to mind the works of … Continue reading “Needless Cane – The Sun Did Not Shine”

Interview With Eden Thomson (Skindependent Suspensions)

Interview as recorded on 28/07/2013 Altearoa: How would you define what you do? Eden: Well by definition body suspension is hanging the human body through numerous pierced hooks in the flesh and taking your weight on those hooks. And having a good time. Altearoa: So what got you started into this? Eden: To be honest, … Continue reading “Interview With Eden Thomson (Skindependent Suspensions)”

Interview With Ruby Ruin

Interview as recorded on 16/07/2013 Altearoa: How would you define what you do? Ruby Ruin: I suppose the burlesque side is pretty self-explanatory, I get up on stage and take my clothes off, in a generally entertaining way. In the weekend I did a white rabbit routine, I come out with a big white rabbit mask … Continue reading “Interview With Ruby Ruin”