Mina’s Veil – Bleak December

It’s rare that I’m lost for words when it comes to a review, but Mina’s Veil’s Bleak December did just that, I wasn’t expecting heavy guitar riffs, loud thumps of drums and vocal screams, but what I got was the complete opposite, I wouldn’t know what genre to put Bleak December under, so I’ll call … Continue reading “Mina’s Veil – Bleak December”

Awakened Inferno – Fire in the Hole

Some bands know what works and stick to the same old formula, some bands take interesting twists and turns, I like to think Awakened Inferno have gone with both routes with Fire in the Hole. These guys know their way around music, they handle rhythm very well and can kick out some amazing guitar solos, but … Continue reading “Awakened Inferno – Fire in the Hole”

Project: Blood – The Dark Below

When first listening to Project: Blood, my initial thoughts were “Wow, these guys are very Static X” of which I really liked, I’ve always been a Static X fan. The more you listen to this EP, the less Static X they sound, which is fine because this is a Project: Blood EP, not a Static X … Continue reading “Project: Blood – The Dark Below”

Nullifier – Silent Destruction

When I was given this album to review, it was said that Nullifier are a thrash metal band, but I think there is a lot more to Nullifier than just thrash metal. I wasn’t exactly sure what I was in for but I have a strong like of thrash metal and Nullifier’s Silent Destruction definitely … Continue reading “Nullifier – Silent Destruction”

Keller Kinder – Dying City Release Show

Keller Kinder 2nd August 2014Four years since their last show in Christchurch, the city finally got another opportunity to see Keller Kinder live, along with C2 & control.org from Dunedin, and local act Aut0n. A night full of industrial and goth rock, seldom seen in the city, attracted a good number from the local goth community … Continue reading “Keller Kinder – Dying City Release Show”

Keller Kinder – Dying City

Gothtronica at its finest. Keller Kinder formed in 2007 and have been impressing a local and international audience ever since. Their first album, Kindergarten, had fantastic reviews from all around the globe. After such success with their first album their second album, Dying City, was highly anticipated though fans did have a long wait. An album worth … Continue reading “Keller Kinder – Dying City”

Crash-Scan – Repeat Until False

Industrial metal from the countries capital city. Crash-Scan formed in 2008 with their début album, Catalyst, released in 2009. We’ve been checking out their latest album, Repeat Until False, released April 2014. Recorded with; Ron Nobbs on vocals and programming, Bryan Tabuteau on programming and synths, and Vivian Stewart on guitar and bass. Something that is often … Continue reading “Crash-Scan – Repeat Until False”

Heavyweights EP

Heavyweights is a split EP from Redgrave Manor, a six-piece metalcore band from Christchurch, and The Rising Tide, a deathcore band from Foxton, bringing four tracks of Kiwi metal from each band. Both bands have already developed a strong fan-base and The Rising Tide has recently signed with the Brutal Tooth Foundation (USA) record label. After looking … Continue reading “Heavyweights EP”

C2 – Quadrants: The Stories of Four

“Are you a bystander, a cause or a solution? What happens when the unknown becomes constant and the hyper awareness becomes truly horrible. The stories of four explores the cloudy line between memory, premonition and action through a state of being that does not allow clarity but does allow us to be haunted by the simplest things … Continue reading “C2 – Quadrants: The Stories of Four”

Interview with Ghost Daddy

Interview as recorded on 15/09/2013 Disclaimer: The members of Ghost Daddy can be very sarcastic which cannot be adequately made clear in transcription. Altearoa: How would you define Ghost Daddy’s music? Andre: Yea, I dunno, I reckon its leaning towards the industrial side of things. Amy: I reckon alternative rock, alt hard-rock, I guess. Mykel: … Continue reading “Interview with Ghost Daddy”