The Madhouse II – Victorian Sins: Gallery

Altearoa’s second annual Madhouse Variety Show! Bringing together a mix of freak, circus, dance, and burlesque! Featuring: Ruby Ruin (Mistress of Ceremonies) Dr. Von Mannschaft Ruby Rocket Aralyn of TribalDiva Mythical Haze Chelsea Sugar Major Kataclysm & Willoughby Tawdry With Special Thanks to Prize Sponsors The Jolly Octopus Tattoos & Piercings Tribal Diva Belly Dance … Continue reading “The Madhouse II – Victorian Sins: Gallery”

Horns & Hot Pants

Across the crowded car park of the Riccarton Working Men’s Club, a lone woman totters in 4 inch heels, the purple latex straps of her costume peeking out from under her coat. She’s headed towards the entrance of the 15th Christchurch Fetish Ball, and I follow her in. Inside the unassuming exterior, neon strobe lights … Continue reading “Horns & Hot Pants”

Baking With The Skinny Villains

Down at Bodega, on a springy Saturday evening; October 22nd to be exact; there lay a stage, and unbeknownst what power would come from that stage till 8pm. There was nothing but chitter chatter, excitement and crowd cheers until the bakers, Bakers Eddy to be precise, jumped on stage and performed an amazing opening act … Continue reading “Baking With The Skinny Villains”

Sigilia with Community State, & Inexile

Show 5th November 2016 at Churchills Live An unfortunately small turn out likely due to people taking in the fireworks displays for Guy Fawkes. Coupled with some apparent odd choices for line-up there was some room for improvement as far as planning goes. Inexile had the tough job of opening the show with a very … Continue reading “Sigilia with Community State, & Inexile”

Cripple Mr Onion – End Of Aeons Christchurch

When I heard that Altearoa was reviewing this show, I lost… my… SHIT… I’ve been a fan of Cripple Mr Onion for years now. Then when I heard Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, and Echolypse were opening, I had a mini fit. I’ve followed Blindfolded for years and loved their stuff. So this all … Continue reading “Cripple Mr Onion – End Of Aeons Christchurch”

Seriously Sexy Sideshow

Seriously Sexy Sideshow 12th June 2015 Tease & Trouble never fail to entertain. The Seriously Sexy Sideshow was another great show from the dynamic burlesque duo. Teaming up with the greatest hair in busking; Mulletman, and the magical David Ladderman made for a fantastic variety show of unadulterated talent. Combined with a few delicious cocktails … Continue reading “Seriously Sexy Sideshow”

Rockin’ The Port

It all kicks off with Smokin’ Voodoo, a kick ass little four piece group that really know how to rock out. From their first song to their final song, they had a real presence that owned the stage. The issue I saw was the vocals, Smokin’ Voodoo were a little harder to pick up vocally … Continue reading “Rockin’ The Port”

Awakened Inferno – Fire in the Hole

Some bands know what works and stick to the same old formula, some bands take interesting twists and turns, I like to think Awakened Inferno have gone with both routes with Fire in the Hole. These guys know their way around music, they handle rhythm very well and can kick out some amazing guitar solos, but … Continue reading “Awakened Inferno – Fire in the Hole”