Interview with Crash-Scan

Interview recorded on 30/10/2015 Altearoa: How did Crash-Scan get started? Ron: I sort of started it just making stuff on the computer. Me and my mate Hoani wrote a few tracks and showed them to Bryan. I was going to play bass originally and Hoani was going to play guitar, we found a vocalist but … Continue reading “Interview with Crash-Scan”

Interview with Isabella Darling

Interview recorded on 01/04/2015Altearoa: So tell us about Isabella Darling and how you got started in burlesque? Isabella Darling: Basically, when I first signed up for the Burlesque classes, it was because I knew of Dita Von Teese, a lot of people probably say that. In High School, I was always the pasty skinned girl … Continue reading “Interview with Isabella Darling”

Interview with Keller Kinder

Interview as recorded on 02/08/2014 with Duncan (vocals & bass), Brad (programming & synths). Missing Anton (guitar).  HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR MUSIC? DUNCAN I don’t know, I suppose it’s electronic, its dark, its sinister, its aggressive, its introspective, its mopey at times. It has… BRAD Have you got any more adjectives left? (laughs) DUNCAN … Continue reading “Interview with Keller Kinder”

Interview with TribalDiva

Interview as recorded on 09/11/2013Altearoa: How did you get started with belly dance and TribalDiva? Aaralyn: I saw a video of my friend dancing and I thought it looked really cool, so I started taking some classes, and then TribalDiva formed out of senior students at the school of contemporary belly dance. Nova: I think … Continue reading “Interview with TribalDiva”

Interview with Ghost Daddy

Interview as recorded on 15/09/2013 Disclaimer: The members of Ghost Daddy can be very sarcastic which cannot be adequately made clear in transcription. Altearoa: How would you define Ghost Daddy’s music? Andre: Yea, I dunno, I reckon its leaning towards the industrial side of things. Amy: I reckon alternative rock, alt hard-rock, I guess. Mykel: … Continue reading “Interview with Ghost Daddy”

Interview With Dead End Derby

Interview as recorded on 24/08/2013. Photograpy provided by Craig Crew  Altearoa: Can you explain Roller Derby for our readers? Mystique: Basically, roller derby consists of two teams. It’s an all-female, quad-roller-skate, full contact sport. There is an oval track, four girls from each team get on the track, and each team has a jammer as well. … Continue reading “Interview With Dead End Derby”

Interview With Eden Thomson (Skindependent Suspensions)

Interview as recorded on 28/07/2013 Altearoa: How would you define what you do? Eden: Well by definition body suspension is hanging the human body through numerous pierced hooks in the flesh and taking your weight on those hooks. And having a good time. Altearoa: So what got you started into this? Eden: To be honest, … Continue reading “Interview With Eden Thomson (Skindependent Suspensions)”

Interview With Ruby Ruin

Interview as recorded on 16/07/2013 Altearoa: How would you define what you do? Ruby Ruin: I suppose the burlesque side is pretty self-explanatory, I get up on stage and take my clothes off, in a generally entertaining way. In the weekend I did a white rabbit routine, I come out with a big white rabbit mask … Continue reading “Interview With Ruby Ruin”