The Gunroom Sessions – Alien Weaponry

Alien Weaponry stop by the Gunroom to chat about upcoming shows, overseas touring, interesting details about themselves and the new crowdfunding project they have set up for their debut album recording, earmarked for late 2018. The Gunroom Sessions Youtube Facebook Brought to you by Third Eye Music Management Ltd

Interview with Emma – Vocalist/Guitarist for Decades

Interview 17/07/17 with Emma Cameron (Vocalist/Guitarist) of Decades. WHATS YOUR MUSICAL BACKGROUND? I started off as a dancer for 15 or so years. I started dancing when I was five and stopped dancing when I was in my early twenties, and that is where I learnt rhythm etc. It’s what got me passionate about music … Continue reading “Interview with Emma – Vocalist/Guitarist for Decades”

Interview with State of Malice

Interview recorded on 24/09/16 with Angus Forbes (Vocals), Duncan Bonfield (Guitar), Ben Kirk (Bass), Shaun Cheesman (Drums). Missing: Tristan Clegg (Guitar) HOW DID STATE OF MALICE GET STARTED? DUNCAN While we went to school with each other and knew each other through that. We started as a cover band, mainly Lamb of God covers, and playing at piss-ups … Continue reading “Interview with State of Malice”

Interview with Villainy

Interview with James Dylan (Bass), Dave Johnston (Drums & Backing Vocals) and Thom Watts (Lead Guitar). Missing: Neil Fraser (Lead Vocals) WHAT DOES VILLAINY MEAN AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM? DAVE JOHNSTON We thought it up. Genius. It’s a good, straight up name. In some ways it’s a side of our twisted senses of humour. We … Continue reading “Interview with Villainy”

Interview with Skinny Hobos

Interview with Alex Ferrier (aka Alex Elvis) and Sam Holdom (aka Texas Holdom) – Spring 2016 WHAT DOES SKINNY HOBOS MEAN AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM? ALEX ELVIS It was the name of the band before the band was a band, and when the band started the name made so much sense in relation to … Continue reading “Interview with Skinny Hobos”

Interview with Empire

Interview recorded on 10/06/2016 Altearoa: How did Empire get started?Jeremy: Well it was Diego and another friend called Jake that got the band together. After that they recruited other people, we went through two other drummers before finding Rhyz, we went through one other bassist before finding Eddie and two guitarists before Tim. So Diego … Continue reading “Interview with Empire”

Interview with Crash-Scan

Interview recorded on 30/10/2015 Altearoa: How did Crash-Scan get started? Ron: I sort of started it just making stuff on the computer. Me and my mate Hoani wrote a few tracks and showed them to Bryan. I was going to play bass originally and Hoani was going to play guitar, we found a vocalist but … Continue reading “Interview with Crash-Scan”

Interview with Isabella Darling

Interview recorded on 01/04/2015Altearoa: So tell us about Isabella Darling and how you got started in burlesque? Isabella Darling: Basically, when I first signed up for the Burlesque classes, it was because I knew of Dita Von Teese, a lot of people probably say that. In High School, I was always the pasty skinned girl … Continue reading “Interview with Isabella Darling”

Interview with Keller Kinder

Interview as recorded on 02/08/2014 with Duncan (vocals & bass), Brad (programming & synths). Missing Anton (guitar).  HOW WOULD YOU DEFINE YOUR MUSIC? DUNCAN I don’t know, I suppose it’s electronic, its dark, its sinister, its aggressive, its introspective, its mopey at times. It has… BRAD Have you got any more adjectives left? (laughs) DUNCAN … Continue reading “Interview with Keller Kinder”