Nillionaires Club – Burlesque & Bass

Nillionaires Club – Burlesque & Bass, Christchurch 6th May 2016

Nillionaires Club
Nillionaires Club

Two years on from when Ruby Ruin first unveiled The Nillionaires Club to the public and things have only improved. The Nillionaires Club always makes for an impressive show case as performers are encouraged to get creative and show the audience that the arts are worth more than they get paid. In the tightly packed Wunderbar, complete with snuggle puddle of pillows and bodies at the front, the crowd got more than their money’s worth.

Ruby got the show off to a rocking start with an impromptu dance routine that got the crowd warmed up for the rest of the show, which is important, because it wouldn’t be Nillionaires without dragging some unsuspecting audience members on stage for some fun & games. Ruby’s games have only gotten more amusing, whether its truth or dare, or booty shaking a ping pong ball out of a tissue box its always good for a laugh.

Bringing boobs vs. booty to the stage in a rain of glitter The Sparkle Diva’s from Nelson gave us an exceptionally dazzling performance. Aralyn from TribalDivashowed off her incredible grace and body rhythm, with her sword balancing act, truly she could make even the most co-ordinated people feel clumsy. Mythical Hazeearned the love of the crowd not only with her fantastic act but who doesn’t love cookies. The real show stopper of the first half was the vampiric show from Nilah Minx, nuns, biting, and blood, something you won’t find at your average burlesque show.

The second half brought Lady Death to the stage in the body of Jasmine tease with a traditional fan act but with skeletal edge, wonderfully fluid, and a fantastic twist on a classic act. Sera Tonin brought something a bit different to the stage with fan veils, commonly used in belly dancing, but not often seen in burlesque. Educationally followed by Anna Propriate’s Drunk History of Burlesque, a wildly funny and factual act I’m sure the audience will never forget why we call it pussy. Rounding off the evening Ruby & Hazel took to the stage with an eye catching light show and impressive use of their bootynastics skills.

Each performer brings something different to the mix at Nillionaires, with almost no rules to shape their acts, the variety is not something you’ll find anywhere else. From Ruby’s games to blood and glitter it’s a perfect recipe for an unforgettable show and all for a reasonable donation to NZ’s starving artists. If you’re looking for a show with something a bit different make sure to catch the next Nillionaires.

– Vince Clark

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