Throwback Thursday – BLINDSPOTT

Who remembers Blindspott? I know I had forgotten. Tracks like S.U.I.T.(So Us Is This) and Yours Truly. Songs that you used to stay up late, in hopes that you would see on M2 or hear on the radio.

I remember staying up one night, I must have been 13 or 14, waiting for M2 to come on just so I could hear Room to Breathe cause I heard the video was awesome.  Trying to convince my mum to let me see them live, yeah right.

I then got the moment where I had the money, I knew exactly what I was buying, so I went down to the CD store and I bought Blindspott’s self titles album, I played that album over and over and over again. That’s where I was introduced to songs like Mind Dependency and Suffocate.


It felt like what took forever for End the Silence to be released. If I knew then what I know now about NZ music, I would OK with it. But I heard Yours Truly on The Rock while at work and boom, instantly sold. Went and bought End the Silence as soon as my shift ended. Another one of those albums I played the shit out of


Then it all died down, Blindspott just went away. A few radio plays here and there but essentially they were gone. Can’t say I knew followed the Blindspott news closely at that point, but sadly they had disbanded. Later there were rumblings of them getting back together for another album, but that was laid to rest when their Drummer decided he wanted to do other things.

While the band may not be known as Blindspott anymore, the majority of Blindspott’s original band members are still making music under another title, Blacklistt, which I’m hoping will release some new music in the foreseeable future.

Blindspott’s drummer  also has his own band as well, a band named I Am Giant, releasing their 2nd album in 2014.


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