The Gunroom Sessions – No Broadcast

Josh, Thomas and Kieran from No Broadcast stop by the Gunroom to drink tea and eat crackers. Between shared sips and dipped nibbles, they also talk about the band. Join us for some cultured banter. The Gunroom Sessions Youtube Facebook Brought to you by Third Eye Music Management Ltd

The Madhouse 2018

The Altearoa Asylum opens its doors to the public once more for another stunning, yet truly mad, cabaret! Hosted by resident physician Dr. Von Mannschaft! Along with some of his most talented patients for an array of circus, burlesque, dance and song don’t miss this rare chance to join the madness! Video is a combined … Continue reading “The Madhouse 2018”

Bulletbelt – Nine Centuries

I FUCKING LOVE THIS ALBUM. Well that’s not much of a review, Lets start this thing proper… I’ve had Nine Centuries for some time now and I’m all about it. At first I wanted to compare it to Rise of the Banshee. But I can’t. Rise of the Banshee has it’s own Pedestal, it’s own place … Continue reading “Bulletbelt – Nine Centuries”

The Gunroom Sessions – Organectomy

Christchurch Brutal Death Metal band Organectomy hit the Gunroom to talk about their history, their influences, their upcoming shows, and their latest offering entitled “Domain of the Wretched”, dropping today.Press play and find out more about the band that is … Organectomy.’ Organectomy Official Website Youtube Bandcamp Facebook The Gunroom Sessions Youtube Facebook Brought to … Continue reading “The Gunroom Sessions – Organectomy”