The Madhouse 2018 – Now Taking Applications!

The Doctor Is In! The esteemed head of the Altearoa Asylum, Dr. Von Mannschaft, has lost his patients and is looking for people to fill the beds at The Madhouse 2018! The Madhouse will be our first production of 2018 and is a chance for new performers to show off there talents. Show is set … Continue reading “The Madhouse 2018 – Now Taking Applications!”

Throwback Thursday – BLINDSPOTT

Who remembers Blindspott? I know I had forgotten. Tracks like S.U.I.T.(So Us Is This) and Yours Truly. Songs that you used to stay up late, in hopes that you would see on M2 or hear on the radio. I remember staying up one night, I must have been 13 or 14, waiting for M2 to … Continue reading “Throwback Thursday – BLINDSPOTT”