The Burlesque Collective: Our Favourite Things

Choosing a favourite act at My Favourite Things is harder than picking from a full box of chocolates. The Burlesque Collective of Christchurch, joined with other special guests, pulled out the best acts from their repertoire to bring the crowd a smorgasbord for the senses. Primarily showcasing burlesque, the Collective invited musical and circus acts … Continue reading “The Burlesque Collective: Our Favourite Things”

Dr. Sketchy’s Christchurch

“Beer, Boobies and Glory” is a pretty honest way to describe the artistic madness that is Dr. Sketchy’s Christchurch. Born from a bottle of whiskey in the early Two Thousand and Teens, this chapter of the Anti-Art School has been growing from strength to strength. Run by the amazing duo of Rosie Reckless and Tawdry Trainwreck, … Continue reading “Dr. Sketchy’s Christchurch”


SKINfarm III 25th January 2015  The evening kicked off with the “professional weirdo” MC, Jenn O Cide, all the way from the show biz capital of the US, Vegas, just to make our sides split with her own blend of acidic, pain junkie humour. In between acts, this teal haired vixen of almost Amazonian height … Continue reading “SKINfarm III”

Winter Brrrlesque

Winter Brrrlesque 26th July 2014 Some people enjoy warming their bones by the fire on a chilly winter’s night. Others may go for a nice walk or enjoy a hot toddy. But Altearoa enjoy finding new ways to keep the blood pumping and Winter Brrrlesque at Club 604 was just the ticket this weekend. The club … Continue reading “Winter Brrrlesque”

Shops To Watch

New Zealand may not be known for it’s fashion sense, but here at Altearoa, we see it differently. This quaint cluster of islands we call home, is actually a Mecca of stylish, resourceful and unique kiwi’s yearning make their fortunes. It’s not all fun and games though, setting up shop can be tricky. Most of these stylish … Continue reading “Shops To Watch”