Bulletbelt – Nine Centuries

I FUCKING LOVE THIS ALBUM. Well that’s not much of a review, Lets start this thing proper… I’ve had Nine Centuries for some time now and I’m all about it. At first I wanted to compare it to Rise of the Banshee. But I can’t. Rise of the Banshee has it’s own Pedestal, it’s own place … Continue reading “Bulletbelt – Nine Centuries”

8 Foot Sativa @ New City Hotel

I’ve been excited for some shows but this show was next level hype. I know 8 Foot Sativa are top tier but holy shit. Lebowski, In Our Sights, Empire and 8 Foot Sativa all in one show is a guaranteed EPIC NIGHT. I walked in, found a decent spot and was near on instantly serenaded … Continue reading “8 Foot Sativa @ New City Hotel”

Throwback Thursday – BLINDSPOTT

Who remembers Blindspott? I know I had forgotten. Tracks like S.U.I.T.(So Us Is This) and Yours Truly. Songs that you used to stay up late, in hopes that you would see on M2 or hear on the radio. I remember staying up one night, I must have been 13 or 14, waiting for M2 to … Continue reading “Throwback Thursday – BLINDSPOTT”

Starving Millions – V

It’s been a while since a review come my way. Feels like quite some time indeed. Why not start with Starving Millions new EP called V. Wellington based band with a very punk heavy focus, while pushing it that bit further into the “hardcore” genre (always a winner in my books) which is refreshing because … Continue reading “Starving Millions – V”

Cripple Mr Onion – End Of Aeons Christchurch

When I heard that Altearoa was reviewing this show, I lost… my… SHIT… I’ve been a fan of Cripple Mr Onion for years now. Then when I heard Blindfolded and Led to the Woods, and Echolypse were opening, I had a mini fit. I’ve followed Blindfolded for years and loved their stuff. So this all … Continue reading “Cripple Mr Onion – End Of Aeons Christchurch”

State of Malice – Self-Titled EP

This is killer. Some days I hate doing reviews cause I have to write about something that blew my fucking mind. This is one of those times. Frostocalypse opened my eyes to State of Malice, while Vince and I were going over band line up. We found their YouTube Channel  and we lost our shit. … Continue reading “State of Malice – Self-Titled EP”

The Burlesque Collective – All That Glitters

Walking in, the stage was set, the night was themed for 1930’s and 40’s. An era I’m particularly fond of, also the era that gave birth to burlesque as we know it, and it’s this appreciation for the roots of their passion that gives me a massive respect for them and their craft. The debut … Continue reading “The Burlesque Collective – All That Glitters”

The Heathen Collective – Reflective

When I write these reviews, I like to do a bit of background on them, jump on their Facebook page for example. The Heathen Collective market themselves as metal band from our countries capitol, and while I hear there is a strong metal influence there, there is also a bit more to it, like a deeper, … Continue reading “The Heathen Collective – Reflective”

The Narcocorrido Tour

Featuring; 8 Foot Sativa, & Head Like A Hole, in Christchurch 1st August 2015 Where the fuck do I start on this review? What a night, two of NZ’s biggest bands taking Christchurch for one hell of a ride, and what a wicked ride it was too. It all kicked off with 8 Foot taking … Continue reading “The Narcocorrido Tour”